JSL is engaged in the survey of all types of import and export commodities, offering supervision during production; quality and quantity; loading and unloading; weighing, sampling and testing for facilitation of international trade.


Bangladesh mainly exports readymade garments, leather & leather products, jute & jute products including frozen fish & fish products. Many overseas buyers, particularly from Europe and United States, engage JSL to reduce their import risks and protect financial interests by assessing quality, quantity, packing and marking before goods are shipped and the seller is paid. The followings are our commonly requested services:

Factory Evaluation

JSL helps the buyers to get advance information at the pre­ contract stage about the factory in regard to its physical existence and its capacity for timely delivery of the products conforming to the expected quality standards.  Factory evaluation covers products range, turnover, exports performance, financial status, production capacity, machinery setup, quality control system etc.

Initial Production Check

IPC is performed on raw materials, components and product samples at the initial stage of production when 30 to 50 pieces are ready and verified against contractual specifications. Discrepancies are reported for timely corrections and improvements before regular production is initiated.

During Production Check

DUPRO is performed at the stage of production when at least 30% of the ordered quantity covering all colors and sizes are ready to ensure that the corrections and improvements suggested during IPC are implemented.

Final Random Inspection

FRI is earned when the total consignment is manufactured and at least 80% is packed and ready for shipment to check whether quality quantity, packing, marking, labeling, tagging, country of origin etc. conform to the buyer’s reference samples/specifications. Product samples are selected from the packed cartons at random for inspection according to approved sampling procedures. When the inspection results are satisfactory or within Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL), a certificate is issued to enable the seller to ship the goods and obtain payment from the bank. However, if inspection findings are negative JSL will fax the findings to allow the buyer to make a decision.

Supervision of Loading

JSL first checks the condition of the container both internal and external, then examines the quality, quantity, packing, marking, etc. of the goods to make sure that the right goods will be shipped. JSL stand by supervises the whole loading process to ensure that the stuffing operation in container(s) is carried out properly. On completion of loading, JSL seals the container and notes down the seal number.


JSL regularly inspects agricultural & food commodities namely; raw cotton, rice, wheat, sugar, pulses, spices, soybean, mustard seeds, milk powder, tallow, soybean oil, palm oil, etc. JSL also inspects fertilizer, cement, clinker, raw materials, vehicles, machinery, spare parts, etc. The types of surveys that are regularly conducted by JSL are listed below:

Supervision of unloading

JSL first checks the condition of the carrier (vessel/container /wagon/truck, etc), notes down seal numbers and ensures seals are intact. JSL then stand by supervises the operation of unloading of cargo from carriers, counts and records the number of packages to ascertain the total position of unloaded cargo, supervises transportation to the port &/or buyer’s warehouses, so that the cargo is handled properly to prevent unusual loss/damage.

Supervision of Weighing

JSL first checks the weighing apparatus/scale of ensure proper weighing, then standby supervises and records the weight. JSL surveyors are well trained to ensure proper weighing and prevent any sort of manipulation in the scale or in weighing figures &/or recording of wrong figures.

Draft Surveying

JSL undertakes draft survey for bulk delivered cargo. This is an international specialized procedure to determine the weight of the cargo by measuring the difference between the displacement in water of the ship when it is full and that when it is empty.

Sampling & Testing

JSL takes special care in drawing samples either during, loading &/or unloading or at the time of delivery, so that they represent the whole lot/consignment, properly seals the samples and arranges testing and analysis in an independent and well-equipped laboratory or sends the same to the client, as desired by the client. The purpose of sampling is to determine whether the goods meet the contractual specifications.

Damage Survey

JSL carefully surveys the damaged cargo and reports factual position with possible cause of loss/damage so that the client can substantiate claims towards insurance companies, shipping companies, port authorities &/or the Suppliers.

Supply-Chain Related Survey

JSL undertakes supply chain related surveys when the responsibility of the commodity is shifted from one party to another to assist manufactures, suppliers, carriers and contractors. The objective of this survey is to verify that during loading and unloading operations commodities are properly handled and secured on the means of transport. JSL surveyors provide the client with the assurance that the quality and safety requirements are met and that the goods are handled correctly and safely.