JSL is engaged in the business of conducting all types of surveys and loss assessments of insurance claims filed under fire, motor, marine, engineering, machinery erection & breakdown and others, JSL surveyors are authorized and certified professionals in the investigation and assessment of insurance claims having long experience in other careers such, as, insurance, accountancy, law and engineering. As a Senior Surveyor, JSL has successfully conducted more than 12,500 surveys including several big claims under the following policies:

All Risks Policy:

Burglary & Housebreaking Policy.

 Business Interruption Insurance Policy.

Cash In Transit Policy.

Cash On Premises Insurance Policy.

Commercial Vehicles Comprehensive Policy.

Contractors All Risks Policy.

Cyclone Insurance Policy.

Deterioration of Stock Insurance Policy.

Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy.

Erection All Risks Policy.

Fidelity Guarantee Policy.

Fire Policy.

Flood Insurance Policy.

Hotel Owners All Risks Policy.

Industrial All Risks Policy.

Machinery Insurance Policy.

Marine Cargo Policy.

Marine Hull Policy.

Power Plant Operational Package Policy.

Private Vehicle Comprehensive Policy.

Public Liability Policy.

Motorcycle Comprehensive Policy.

JSL surveyors are impartial and perform the following duties (a) inspect the damaged property immediately (b) take photographs of the damages sustained (c) advise the insured on how to minimize the loss and protect the salvage (d) take statements from the insured and witnesses (e) determine the proximate cause of the loss and whether it is within the scope of the policy (f) prepare inventories and check the books of accounts, purchase and sales records, bank statements, etc to determine the value of property damaged and also to examine the adequacy of the sum insured (g) determine the value of the salvage, if retained by the insured or sell the salvage on behalf of the insurer (h) check for any breach of warranties and if so, whether the breach in material to the loss (i) assess the loss within the terms of coverage (j) adjust the loss, if the sum insured is inadequate (k) check for any multiple insurances, and (l) determine the liability of the insurers, etc. JSL always maintains an impartial position, while surveying and assessing the losses. The mission of JSL is to ensure that all genuine claimants are compensated for their losses and at the same time prevent misuse of insurance policies.