JSLprovides top-quality insurance underwriting surveys throughout Bangladesh. JSL performs a detailed survey of the facility and provides a thorough report detailing all COPE (Construction, Occupancy, Protection and Exposures etc.) to the insurance industry or owner prior to the facility being insured thereby allowing an accurate representation of the risk associated with the property.

Construction details include information of building interior and exterior walls, floors, ceiling and roof construction, fire partition walls/doors, number of stories, building dimensions, square footage, dates of construction, protection against natural perils and other barriers.  

Occupancy details include normal facility working hours and days, types of products manufactured, process flow data, type and amount of production equipment, storage details, hazardous materials, electronic data processing areas, information regarding incoming water, natural gas, electricity and other utilities, heating equipment and fuel train details.

Protection details include information on automatic sprinkler systems, water supply details including fire pumps, hydrants and test data, fire detection and alarm information, public and private fire department types and locations, presence of fire extinguishers, physical security systems, etc. Also includes available protection against natural perils such as, lightning, flood, windstorm, collapse, etc. The protection equipment is closely evaluated to determine whether available protection is adequate for the given conditions.

Exposure details include all interior and exterior exposures to the subject property such as adjacent structures and distances, storage yard and sheds including common hazards such as flammable liquids, chemical exposures, occupancy, specific exposures, environmental exposures, housekeeping, heating equipment, cooking equipment, ignition sources, and other miscellaneous exposures.

JSL reports include estimates for Probable Maximum Loss (PML) and Maximum Foreseeable Loss (MFL) to assist the underwriter/owner in understanding the level of risk that exists in the facility.

JSL reports also include Recommendation sections, in which suggestions are made for all instances where the protection available is insufficient for the given conditions or when loss control programs do not meet industry standards.