JSL undertakes valuation surveys for all types of residential industrial, commercial, and agricultural properties (real estate, plant & machinery including inventory) for insurance and financial purposes. The brief outline of valuations are as follows:


JSL prepares a description, capacity, installation, condition and functional applicability. All buildings, building services and leasehold improvements are described, measured, and recorded in sufficient detail to support total, as well as partial losses. Building exclusions such as foundations, underground piping, etc are also identified so that the client can save on insurance premiums. JSL performs all necessary price searches to establish the current reinstatement/rebuilding cost (new) and open market value (depreciated value of the property), according to the requirements of the client.

Underinsurance is a common problem that can have very expensive consequences. To avoid it JSL offers an Annual revision service program with detailed reports, updating values systematically and economically in continued support of the obligations under in contained support of the obligations under insurance policy provisions.


Financial valuations are carried out for a variety of reasons viz, mortgage/finance/lease security, balance sheets, company takeovers and mergers, compulsory purchases and taxation to establish the true market value of the property. The book value of assets is not an indication of their true worth. Value is determined by current market conditions and is based on the price that a prospective purchaser is ready to pay to acquire a particular asset. In many cases, the net book value of assets is seriously understates the true value. An accurate valuation can help to reduce the risk of an unsolicited takeover below the true value of a company and reduce the potential for asset stripping.

JSL reports are prepared as a sequential, detailed inventory of properties, divided into individual areas and subtotaled into departments. Each line item in the valuation has its corresponding attendant value depending on the basis of valuation. The general description of properties also includes model and serial numbers, where applicable for more positive identification.

JSL’s client list in valuation services includes insurance companies, financial institutions, commercial banks, leasing institutions, major and minor private and public companies, judiciary etc.